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Powerlink Services - Richardson Electronics

Repair and Servicing

We aim to provide typically a 10 working day turnaround on standard repairs subject to the availability of parts but can carry out urgent emergency repairs immediately when necessary. A typical repair process would include:

  • Inspection on delivery
  • Investigation and repair of fault down to component level where appropriate including carrying out any factory recommended modification or upgrades
  • Post repair soak test of at least 24 hours or longer if necessary
  • RF performance verification tests
  • Special function test when required
  • Electrical safety test
  • Pressure test of sealed units to ensure integrity of weatherproofing seals
  • Cleaning, including heatsinks and filters
  • Repacking appropriately for return shipment

Scheduled Maintenance

We can provide regular scheduled systems maintenance tailored to your precise system requirements.

On site work

If equipment cannot be sent to us for repair (our preferred option) we can provide on-site support for repair and maintenance.


Our specialist knowledge and skills provide an unparalleled and invaluable service to those in the satcom industry. Particular areas of expertise include high power amplifiers, RF and microwave systems, instrumentation amplifiers, high voltage power supplies and associated RF equipment. We have extensive experience of a wide variety of manufacturers including: Advantech, Codan, CPI Varian, E2V, ETM, MCL Miteq and Comtech Xicom Technology

Equipment Rental

If you need a replacement amplifier while yours is being repaired or just need one to meet your short term needs then we have a comprehensive selection to choose from.

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Second User Equipment Sales

In addition to our range of rental equipment we have a selection of used equipment for sale at very reasonable prices.

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  • A fully equipped workshop and other facilities
  • An extensive range of test equipment for detailed fault finding and comprehensive functional testing
  • Many years’ experience in the import, export and shipping of equipment worldwide and have an excellent relationship with most of the major couriers
  • An ISO 9001:2015 approved company
  • Extensive spares holding