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Oil Filled Capacitor

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An oil filled capacitor is usually an AC-voltage-rated or dual-voltage-rated (AC/DC) capacitor designed for circuits requiring high-reliability. All AC-rated oil filled capacitors supplied by Richardson Electronics are UL, CSA, and VDE approved.

Oil filled capacitors are used where high-peak-voltages, high-current, and long operating life are needed. This includes high- energy storage, motor run, motor start, high-voltage lighting, and HVAC applications. Oil filled capacitors are non-polar and can therefore be used in all voltage reversal applications. These capacitors include a self-healing capability and are made from oil-impregnated metalized polypropylene.

Key characteristics for choosing an oil filled capacitor include overall Peak Voltage rating (V), operating life (hours), and Case/Package Type. Richardson Electronics is pleased to work with industry-leading manufacturers GE, High Energy and Plastic Cap to provide a large selection of oil filled capacitors for our customers.

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