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Vacuum Capacitor

Description |

Vacuum is an ideal dielectric and enables this technology to be considered in many demanding applications. Richardson Electronics carries a wide variety of vacuum capacitors ranging from 12pF to 5,000pF and covering test voltages of 5kV to 60 kV. Select from a full range of fixed, variable, and water-cooled capacitors for use in wafer-fabrication, plasma, medical, broadcast, and industrial heating applications.

Common Applications: RF match, Semiconductor Wafer Fab Equipment, Flat Panel Display | Power Amplifier Tank Circuits | Output Pi Networks | Neutralizing Circuits | Grid Plate Block Circuits | Antenna Coupling; Filter/Tap Circuits | Pulse Shaping Circuits | Feed-Through for Harmonic Attenuation | Dielectric Heating Equipment Tank Circuits | Low Inductance, High Current Bypass
Applications | Non-Magnetic Circuits for MRI and NMR

Vacuum Capacitors

Key Benefits

  • Long Life, High Reliability
  • High Voltage Ratings
  • High Current Ratings
  • High-Speed Tuning
  • Wide Tuning Ranges
  • Self Healing
  • High Altitude Operation
  • Compact Sizes / Low Weight

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