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Our People

Our People

Our people have always been our strongest asset. Over the years, through vision, hard work, and dedication, we have grown from a one-man family business into an industry-leading global company, with over 50% of our employees working from locations in nearly all major countries of the world outside the United States.

We have thrived because of the dedication of our employees. Their continued commitment, effort, and extraordinary combination of skills enable us to achieve remarkable results.


Richardson Electronics is an international company with offices located around the world. We understand, respect, and value the similarities as well as the differences of our employees. For us, diversity is a business imperative which enables us to offer the finest service to our global customer base. Our effectiveness in maximizing the talents of people of different backgrounds, experience and perspectives is key to our continued global success.

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Richardson Electronics attracts leaders who are driven to make a difference. Meet our board of directors and corporate officers.

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