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Triodes can be used in both broadcast and industrial applications and are desired for their simple, yet highly stable design. Triodes have lower power gain than tetrodes, but can achieve output power up to 1.25 MW. Richardson Electronics supplies the leading brands of triodes from Amperex, Eimac, National and Thales including the popular YU191B and RS3021CJ.

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RELL Item#BrandProduct ImageOrder Type/DetailsOutput Power kWMaximum Frequency MHzCooling Plate Dissipation kWFilament Voltage VFilament Current APeak Anode Voltage kVPeak Anode Current AAmplification Factor µDocumentsPriceQuantity
8116A/YL1071 Amperex      30 kW
13.25 V
   7 µ
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3CW40000A7 Eimac/CPI   76 kW
200 MHz
40 kW
12 V
110 A
12 kV
9 A
200 µ
Yes (7) 
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CTK30-1 Thales   90 kW
100 MHz
50 kW
11 V
240 A
14 kV
 200 µ
Yes (8) 
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