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Electron Gun

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An electron gun consists of a cathode and anode with the cathode bearing a negative electrical charge and the anode bearing a positive electrical charge. When the cathode is heated to high temperatures and is negatively charged, electrons are released from its surface at which point, the positive electrical charge of the anode draws the electrons to and through itself into the next stage of electron acceleration.

As the exclusive distributor for New Japan Radio Co. Ltd in North America and Europe, and as the master distributor for the rest of the world excluding Japan and Korea, we supply a variety of electron guns to suit almost every need in the market today. NJRC has a wide range of standard cathodes and eguns and can custom make eguns to meet customers’ specification. They can simulate performance and suggest the optimal cathode diameter, Wehnelt cylinder and anode.

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RELL Item#BrandProduct ImageOrder Type/DetailsHeater Current AHeater Voltage VDiameter mmDocumentsPriceQuantity
NJK2321A New Japan Radio Co. Ltd   2.2 A
6.7 V
11.3 mm
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