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Magnetron - CW

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Richardson Electronics supplies a wide range of CW magnetrons. CW Magnetrons are a low-cost, efficient cross-field microwave oscillator used for the generation of continuous-wave (CW) signals. S-band (2450MHz), L-band (915/896MHz), and the new 5.89GHz CW magnetrons are typically used in industrial drying and heating applications requiring CW microwave energy. Richardson Electronics offers direct replacements for most typical configurations, ranging in power from 300w - 30kw @ 2450, 5kw -100kw @915/896/922 MHz and 700w @5.86 GHz. These replacement magnetrons will operate in systems from most Original Equipment Manufacturers. Our engineering staff can assist you in selecting the magnetron that best meets your system's specific requirements.


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RELL Item#BrandProduct ImageOrder Type/DetailsFrequency MHzMaximum Output Power kWCooling Mounting Mounting Method DocumentsPriceQuantity
NL58700 National   Magnetron (CW) 5800 MHz
0.7 kW
Not Inline
w/o Studs
Yes (1) 
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