Vacuum Tubes & Electron Tubes

Richardson Electronics is the world's premier supplier of electron vacuum tube devices. With over 75 years of success in the vacuum tube business, we provide the highest quality and service. Our commitment to providing the best products to meet our customers' needs is second to none.

Contact us for more information regarding our vacuum and electron tube product options, or request a quote for specific pricing details today. Richardson Electronics is your trusted manufacturer and supplier of top-quality electron and vacuum tube devices.

Vacuum & Electron Tube Device Options

At Richardson Electronics, we stock critical components for niche markets and provide expert assistance in selecting replacement products and alternatives using our extensive cross-reference library. With ISO9002-registered processes and products tested in OEM equipment, you won't find another supplier of vacuum tubes that can offer a more diverse selection at competitive pricing.

Power Grid Tubes

Power grid tubes are commonly used for induction and dielectric heating applications. Our power grid tubes include:

  • Pentodes

  • Planar triodes

  • Rectifier & diode tubes

  • Tetrodes

  • Triodes

  • Laser power tubes

Gas Thyratrons

Gas thyratrons are used for industrial, medical, and radar applications. Our gas thyratrons are available in several styles to meet your unique specifications.

Geiger-Mueller Tubes

Geiger-Mueller counters are small, robust nuclear radiation detectors that can detect, measure, and determine the presence of alpha, beta, or gamma radiation. Geiger-Mueller Tubes also provide quality output to drive displays and indicators.


Ignitrons are ignitor-fired mercury pool rectifiers with high peak and average current handling capabilities. National Electronics' high voltage switching ignitrons are used in switching service for currents ranging from 700,000 Amps with voltages ranging to 50 kV. Richardson Electronics carries several ignitron styles to meet your application needs.


Richardson Electronics offers the following Magnetron options:

  • CW Magnetrons

  • Pulse Magnetrons

  • Radar Components

  • Linear Accelerator Components

Ionization Gauge Tubes

Ionization Gauge Tubes are available in various styles to meet your application needs, offering Nonex™, Pyrex™, or Kovar™ flanged tubulations. Ionization Gauge Tubes are available in 1/2" and 1" diameters.

Spark Gaps

A spark gap consists of two conducting electrodes separated by a gap usually filled with a gas, such as air, designed to allow an electric spark to pass between the conductors. Richardson Electronics’ spark gap options include:

  • Over Voltage Gaps

  • Triggered Gaps

Accessory Products

Vacuum and electron tube accessory products include sockets, anodes, cathodes, filaments, grid connectors, water jackets, and related components.

Order Vacuum & Electron Tube Devices from Richardson Electronics

In the market for precision electron and vacuum tube devices to meet your OEM manufacturing needs? Richardson Electronics has the parts and accessories you need. Contact us for more information regarding our vacuum and electron tube product options, or request a quote for specific pricing details today.