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Richardson Electronics develops engineered solutions and distributes components for the global electronics markets. Since 1947, our products serve as critical components for a wide variety of applications, including:

Broadcast Transmission
We proudly serve all major terrestrial applications for broadcast transmission, and we are the largest stocking distributor of vacuum electronics in the world for broadcast transmitters.

Dielectric Heating
Since 1947, Richardson Electronics has supplied power grid tubes to the induction and dielectric heating industries. Our commitment to these industries is second to none.

High Energy Transfer
We are a leading provider of high energy transfer products. We carry an extensive range of products for your high energy transfer needs.

High Voltage Switching
We carry an extensive line of pulse power ignitrons, solid-state replacements, and ignitron connectors and accessories for your high voltage switching needs.

Induction Heating
We supply the induction heating components you need from leading manufacturers. We also make technical expertise available when needed, including retrofitting existing generators to accept new, more efficient tubes.

Laser Cutting
Richardson Electronics is the world’s leading supplier of the highest quality replacement RF tubes for CO2 lasers, including the RS3021CJ and RS2048CJC, at competitive prices. We maintain an extensive global inventory network to ensure same-day shipping to meet your needs.

Linear Accelerator
We supply linear accelerator parts such as magnetrons and electron guns. We are the exclusive distributor of New Japan Radio Company (NJRC) magnetrons used in linear accelerators. Linear accelerators are used in medical, industrial, and scientific markets.

Medical Imaging
Richardson Healthcare is a division of Richardson Electronics that provides imaging tubes, replacement parts, and CT service training worldwide. We have a focused product selection of diagnostic imaging components and in-house manufacturing capabilities.

Richardson Electronics is a leading international manufacturer and provider of complete systems, standard components, and customized solutions for various industrial applications utilizing continuous-wave (CW and pulsed) microwave technology. We design and manufacture high-power RF and microwave components for use in CW and pulsed applications.

Microwave Processing/Heating
Richardson Electronics designs, manufactures, and distributes a full range of components and complete turn-key systems for most types of microwave drying and heating applications.

Radiofrequency & microwave energy generates plasmas in numerous manufacturing processing applications. We offer complete microwave plasma systems and components to OEM equipment manufacturers for most plasma processing applications.

Power Conversion
We have an extensive experience with power conversion, high power RF, and high power microwave products and services. Our capabilities include a comprehensive series of power inverter modules and power supplies, ranging from 100’s of watts to over 15MW of power.

Richardson Electronics can supply microwave components for radar such as magnetrons, circulators, limiters, low noise front end receivers, and power amplifiers in X, S, C, and KU band frequencies.

Radiation Oncology
Radiation Oncology requires high-power microwaves to create the radiation needed for treatment. Richardson Electronics supplies high-power microwave components and accessories used in linear accelerators for Radiation Oncology.

We are a leading manufacturer and distributor of thyratrons and rectifiers for industrial RF heating, motor controls, and welding applications.

RF Amplification
Richardson Electronics has the engineering resources and a wide range of power grid tubes and related components for RF Amplification designs. 

RF Oscillation
Richardson Electronics has the engineering resources and a wide range of power grid tubes and related components for RF Ocscillation designs.