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As a highly specialized international distributor and manufacturer, Richardson Electronics produces a wide variety of RF and microwave components and subsystems, as well as electron tubes and vacuum devices.

In order to meet our customers' stringent requirements, Richardson Electronics utilizes its unique manufacturing processes and equipment, technical expertise, and design-in support capabilities.
Our extensive in-house knowledge of materials, RF/Microwave and High Voltage applications, combined with our outstanding quality control, customer specific manufacturing capabilities, make us an ideal vendor-of-choice for many applications.

Richardson Electronics in-house manufacturing capabilities include: Manufacturing Capabilities Brochure - relltubes copy

We also provide contract manufacturing, custom/private labeling, and testing services for our customers.

Richardson Electronics is dedicated to providing products and services of the highest quality. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified and we maintain our own Corporate Quality Management System.

Ready to learn more or need a custom product? Contact the Richardson Manufacturing Team.