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The RS2048CJC has a pyrolytic graphite grid and is an improved version with better thermal stability for higher power lasers than the metal grid version alternatives of this tube RS2048CJ.

RF End Stage tube RS2048CJC is the original THALES Water Cooled Power Grid Triode for High Power CO2 Lasers.

If you are looking for and RS2048CJ or RS2048CJC, look no further than our Thales original laser tube.

Application: Dielectric Heating|Laser Cutting
Filament Current (A): 112
Filament Voltage (V): 9
LaserOEM: Trumpf
Markets: Industrial Equipment
Maximum Frequency (Hz) (MHz): 110
OEM: 1237260, 1296799, 1811787, 1812660, 0932468, 1237228, 1237398, 1582457, 1800986
Output Power (kW): 50
Peak Anode Current (A): 35
Peak Anode Voltage (kV): 14
Plate Dissipation (kW): 30
Cooling: Water
Brand: Thales