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RF Power Grid Tubes

Richardson Electronics has a rich history of providing premium-quality power grid and microwave tubes. We are an industry-leading provider of the RS2048CJC. At Richardson Electronics, our goal is to always deliver the highest quality product solutions to our customers.

Our global presence allows us to provide world-class electronic components and custom-engineered solutions to customers worldwide. Contact us today, and our team of experts can help you find the right products, like the RS2048CJC for your industry and application.

Brand: Thales
Filament Current (A): 112
Filament Voltage (V): 9
LaserOEM: Trumpf
Maximum Frequency (Hz) (MHz): 110
Peak Anode Current (A): 35
OEM: 1237260, 1296799, 1811787, 1812660, 0932468, 1237228, 1237398, 1582457, 1800986
Output Power (kW): 50
Peak Anode Voltage (kV): 14
Plate Dissipation (kW): 30
Cooling: Water