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Dielectric Heating

Since 1947, Richardson Electronics has been supplying power grid tubes to the induction and dielectric heating industries. Our commitment to these industries is second to none.

Not only do we supply the components you need from leading manufacturers, we also make technical expertise available when you need it, including retrofitting existing generators to accept new, more efficient tubes. When you need a replacement tube for an RF generator or amplifier, contact your local Richardson Electronics sales representative.

High Frequency Heating

Plastic Welding

The bonding of plastic using RF is the industry standard for many applications including the manufacturing of:

  • Inflatable Toys
  • Medical Bags
  • Tents
  • Truck Covers

Plastic Preheating

Richardson Electronics has the oscillator tubes and associated components for your high frequency generator for such plastic preheating applications as:

  • Semiconductor Packaging
  • Melamine

Radio Frequency (RF) Drying

Textile Drying

High power radio frequency drying is the most efficient process for the removal of moisture from textiles. We have the correct replacement tubes and capacitors for your Radio Frequency Dryer.

Wood Glue Drying

The wood industry has many applications which use RF tubes. RF can be used to remove the moisture from lumber and plywood, embossing, forming or laminating to fiberboard or for OSB and chip board curing. The most popular application for the wood industry is to cure the glue used when combining multiple pieces of wood together to accelerate the drying time and increase production.

Food Drying

Using RF in the food industry has many advantages and can be used for various processes
such as:

  • Post Bake Moisture Removal
  • Pasteurization / Sterilization
  • Preheating or Precooking
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