Microwave Power Sources

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A typical industrial microwave heating systems consist of three basic elements, a microwave power generator, a system of power delivery components, and a load to be heated. For a more in-depth reading on the subject, please download the following white paper from Richardson Electronics: 

Microwave power generators produce microwave energy from electricity. This microwave energy is then utilized in many different applications and purposes. Due to their inherent advantages, microwaves are most often used in thermal processes for their ability to heat. Microwave generators are categorized by their operating frequency band, S-band (2450MHz) or L-band (915MHz), and are offered in a variety of output power levels. 

So, what exactly is a microwave generator? A typical microwave generator consists of a power supply and a magnetron head.  Most configurations in the S-band also include an interconnecting cable set as the power supply and magnetron head are in separate enclosures. The microwave energy emitted by the generator is mainly used to heat products or generate plasma and is very useful for many applications in such as diamond growth, industry, food processing, and surface treatments.

S-Band (2450MHz) Generators electromagnetic wave
Model Frequency Power
GS3.0R4 2450MHz 3.0kW
GS6.0R4 2450MHz 6.0kW
GS10.0R4 2450MHz 10.0kW
GS15.0R4 2450MHz 15.0kW
Generators output power can be adjusted between 10% - 100%
Generators are designed for CW (continuous wave) operation.

L-Band (915MHz) Generators
Model Frequency Power
GC915/5kW 915MHz 5.0kW
GC915/15kW 915MHz 15.0kW
GC915/30kW 915MHz 30.0kW
GC915/75kW 915MHz 75.0kW
GC915/100kW 915MHz 100.0kW

Generators output power can be adjusted between 10% - 100%
Generators are designed for CW (continuous wave) operation.
Available frequencies include 896MHz, 915MHz, and 922MHz.
Options include a single enclosure and remote head configuration.

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Why choose a National Electronics microwave generator from Richardson Electronics, Ltd?

  • Our microwave generators are designed for use with industrial process equipment requiring a high performance yet an economical source of microwave power.
  • Our generator systems are easily integrated into production equipment with minimal design effort.
  • All control functionality is provided remotely by the user via analog and/or digital interfaces or by local control if preferred.
  • All generators are designed to operate continuously with a typical power bandwidth of 10% to 100%.
  • The reliability of our microwave generators is recognized and appreciated by many customers worldwide.