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Testing Capabilities


Richardson Electronics offers a full range of specialized in-house testing capabilities and services. In order to meet the stringent and unique requirements of each customer, we provide a variety of tests designed to your exact specifications in each of the categories listed below.

These services include:

  • Frequency
  • Forward and Reflective Power
  • Harmonics, Load Tuning
  • High Power / High voltage testing
  • Impedance and Attenuation/Coupling Measurements
  • Moding
  • Network analyzer testing
  • Peak and Average Power
  • Performance verification
  • RF and Microwave leakage testing
  • RF and Microwave power verification
  • Rise Time /Fall time
  • Power Measurement
  • Pressure and leak testing
  • Vector Network Analysis of RF and Microwave Components from 100KHz to 9GHz
  • XRF testing for plating verification
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