Richardson Electronics supplies linear accelerator parts such as electron guns and cathodes. We are the exclusive distributor for NISSHINBO (formerly New Japan Radio Company - NJRC) magnetrons used in linear accelerators. Linear accelerators are used in medical, industrial, and scientific markets.

Linac Applications


  • Food and Packaging Sterilization
  • Polymerization
  • Sewage Sterilization
  • Cargo Scanning
  • Non-Destructive Testing


  • Beam Radiation
  • Medical Supply Sterilization


  • Nuclear Experimentation
  • Non-Destructive Testing
Please see the definitions below for details on the specific applications above.

As the exclusive distributor for NISSHINBO in North America and Europe, we supply high-power C, S, and X Band magnetrons ranging from peak output powers of 500kW to 3.1MW for linear accelerators. NISSHINBO’s patented cathode technology and its thermal conductivity improvements allow these cathodes to run cooler, thus increasing their lifetime and allowing the magnetrons to operate under more severe conditions. NISSHINBO  provides drop-in equivalents and can adjust designs on S, C, and X Band magnetrons used in linear accelerators so that its impedance and operating point can match any pulse-forming network or solid-state modulator. NISSHINBO can manufacture custom linac electron guns and linac power grid devices with or without grids. In addition, we supply a permanent or electromagnet and transition for S-Band linac magnetrons.

Richardson Electronics also offers high-quality Eimac power grid devices used in several different linear accelerator applications, such as cyclotron accelerators used in both Scientific and Medical markets.

Industrial Applications

Food and Packaging Sterilization - an industrial procedure that uses low-energy x-ray beams from a linear accelerator to sterilize food packages as well as the actual food itself
Polymerization - an industrial procedure that uses x-ray beams from linear accelerators to initiate a chemical reaction that forms polymer chains.
Sewage Sterilization -an industrial procedure that uses x-ray beams from linear accelerators to purify wastewater from sewage treatment plants by rendering toxic chemicals into non-harmful products and destroying harmful bacteria and other microorganisms.
Cargo Scanning is a process in which x-ray beams from linear accelerators are used as a non-destructive method of inspecting and identifying goods in transportation systems.
Non-Destructive Testing - a process that utilizes x-ray beams from linear accelerators to evaluate the properties of a material, component, or system without causing damage

Medical Applications

Beam Radiation - a medical procedure that utilizes a high energy x-ray beam which is produced by a linear accelerator to target cancerous masses directly
Medical Supply Sterilization - a process that uses x-ray beams from linear accelerators to destroy and/or remove any toxic chemicals and harmful microorganisms.

Scientific Applications

Nuclear Experimentation - linear accelerators are used all over the world to aid in better understanding the fundamental aspects of nuclear reactions and what uses this process may have in all markets
Non-Destructive Testing - many research facilities utilize linear accelerators in identifying properties of materials so such materials can be categorized and additional research is done to determine uses for those materials