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Broadcast Transmission

Broadcast Transmission

Richardson Electronics proudly serves all major terrestrial applications for broadcast transmission including:


  • Amateur (Ham) Radio
  • AM
  • FM
  • SW/MW
  • UHF
  • VHF
  • Audiophile Market

Turn to Richardson Electronics…the largest stocking distributor of vacuum electronics in the world for broadcast transmitters.

Richardson Electronics carries a wide array of products for these radio and TV based transmitters.

Our power grid tubes have been the brand of choice in many original transmitter designs from leading transmitter manufacturers including:


  • AEG-Telefunken
  • Broadcast Electronics
  • BBEF
  • Collins
  • Continental
  • Gates
  • Elenos
  • Harris
  • Itelco
  • OMB
  • Riz
  • RVR
  • Thomson

Our tube technology can support transmitters/translators whether just a few watts or several hundred kilowatt in power.