Richardson Electronics provides tailored cooling subsystem products for customers with requirements ranging from 50W to over 200kW of thermal dissipation. We offer either stand heat sinks or chill plate design.
For cooling plates, heat removal can be accomplished with liquid cooling mediums such as deionized water, Coolanol, PAO or Glycol mixtures. Richardson uses liquid-to-air or liquid-to-liquid heat exchangers; in some cases active refrigeration is also required. Our deionized systems feature managed resistivity control.
Richardson's heat exchanger products are scalable to a wide range of sizes. Our heat exchanger products reduce audible noise, reduce warm up time and precision regulation or whatever the unique aspect that is required by a particular customer.
With our vertically integrated machine shop we are able to meet our customer’s stringent requirement for quality and repeatability.
  • Packaging as required for indoor, outdoor or mobile use
  • Extended operating temperature ranges
  • Precision temperature control and monitoring
  • Nitrogen blanketing
  • Active management of water resistivity
  • Full-flow filtration
  • Coolant preheating
  • Economizer coils to eliminate dependence on mechanical refrigeration in cool weather
  • Redundancy and on-line repair
  • Bonded Heat Fin, Cooling pipe, Chill plate, Extruded Heat Sink.
To learn more about our Thermal Management testing capabilities, contact your local Richardson Electronics sales representative.