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High Voltage Switching Applications

High Voltage Switching

Richardson Electronics is a leading provider of high energy transfer products. We carry an extensive range of ignitrons, ignitron trigger modules, hydrogen thyratrons, spark gaps, power semiconductors and high-energy capacitors for your high-energy transfer needs.

Richardson Electronics offers the following Ignitrons and Accessories:

  • Pulse Power Ignitrons - National Electronics’ high voltage switching ignitrons are used in a wide variety of pulse power applications, such as capacitor discharge, laser switching, magneforming, magnetizing and crowbar circuits. Ignitrons are used in switching service for currents ranging to 700,000 Amps with voltages ranging to 50 kV.
  • Solid State Replacements - Several “Welder” type ignitrons can be replaced with SSRIs (Solid State Replacement Ignitrons) designed to exact specifications.
  • Ignitron Connectors & Accessories - Ignitrons are unique devices and sometimes require ancillary parts for connecting or mounting. We offer ignitor connection leads, water-cooled mounting brackets for our “A” size tubes and thermostats for our resistance welding tubes.

Richardson Electronics stocks a wide range of thyratrons for industrial, medical & radar markets. We carry a selection of thyratrons manufactured by Excelitas (formerly Perkin Elmer) and National Electronics for a variety of applications that require fast, reliable high energy transfer switching, such as, industrial & medical Excimer lasers, cargo inspection, insulation test equipment, pinhole detection and radar systems to name a few.

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