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Industrial Equipment

Industrial Equipment

Richardson Electronics supports many applications in the Industrial Power industry including Power Conversion and RF Generation.

The RF generation application consists of taking line voltage to an RF generator or amplifier to create the RF frequency and power level needed to complete the work

Typical RF Generation Applications include:

Richardson Electronics is a leading supplier of tubes which support the Industrial Power industry, including Ignitrons, Magnetrons, Tetrodes, Thyratrons and Triodes.

Richardson Electronics is also a leading supplier of passive devices, including Thermal Management products (e.g., heat-sinks) and, most notably, Capacitors – the critical energy storage devices used in all industrial power-conversion and RF generation applications such as RF filtering, high-current bypass, AC feed-through capacitance, DC-blocking and filtering capacitance, pulse-width-modulation (duty-cycle), frequency determination, impedance matching and energy storage. Richardson Electronics serves high voltage applications with Vacuum Capacitor, Ceramic RF Power Capacitor and Oil-Filled Capacitor based technologies.

Canvys has successfully engineered and delivered solutions for most applications within the industrial market. Each of our display solutions is custom engineered, designed and manufactured with the goal of providing excellent performance with platform stability and long-term availability.

Canvys’ engineers test our OEM display systems for compatibility in addition to testing touch, display, and peripheral drivers. This testing ensures that conflicts with any of the systems components are avoided.

Our portfolio of custom displays includes solutions for the following applications:

  • Process Control
  • Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
  • Alignment and Verification
  • Security

Contact Canvys for more information on our custom industrial monitors.

Power Conversion consists of providing the precise power required for specific industrial-grade electrical power applications, which means taking the electrical power generated by utility companies and/or stand-alone generators and “inverting” or “converting” it, then “shaping” it (e.g., controlling its “phase” and “duty-cycle”). This overall process can generally be referred to as “industrial power conversion.”

Richardson Electronics has formed strategic partnerships with top-tier manufacturers of both active and passive industrial power conversion components. With our global sales, engineering, and support staff, we can provide complete engineering and technical support for designing-in industrial power conversion components and custom-engineered industrial power conversion solutions anywhere in the world. Our local sales engineers work side-by-side with engineering customers to design industrial power conversion circuits and solutions, select cost-effective components, and manufacture the highest quality industrial power solutions.

Typical Power Conversion Applications include:

  • Controlled or uncontrolled AC-to-AC power supplies
  • AC-to-DC converters
  • DC-to-AC inverters
  • DC-to-DC converters
  • Battery chargers
  • Switch-mode power supplies
  • Pulse-width-modulators (PWM) for voltage, current, and frequency control
  • Industrial induction heating systems
  • Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems (HVAC)
  • High-voltage DC(HVDC) systems
  • Motor drives
  • Welding systems
  • Traction systems
  • Specific purpose electric vehicles
  • Variable speed electric drive control systems
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