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Vacuum Capacitors

Vacuum variable capacitors are an ideal dielectric that store a higher voltage than air dielectrics while using a smaller total volume. Richardson Electronics offers a wide variety of vacuum capacitors ranging from 12pF to 5,000pF and covering test voltages of 5kV to 60 kV. Select from a full range of fixed, variable, and water-cooled capacitors for use in demanding RF applications, including wafer fabrication, plasma, medical, broadcast, and industrial heating. With over 75 years of experience supplying capacitors to OEM and MRO markets, we are confident that we can find the capacitor needed to meet your industry requirements.
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Richardson Electronics Vacuum Capacitor Features

Our Vacuum Capacitors range from 12pF to 5,000pF and cover test voltages of 5kV to 60 kV. Capacitors are available as fixed, variable, and water-cooled capacitor models. Richardson Electronics’ vacuum capacitors offer high voltage ratings, high current ratings, high-speed tuning and high-altitude operation. Additional features include but are not limited to:
  • Long Life, High Reliability
  • Self-Healing
  • Wide Tuning Ranges
  • Compact Sizes / Low Weight

Popular Industrial Vacuum Capacitor Models

We offer a comprehensive selection of vacuum capacitor models that range in size, working power and voltage. While we recommend contacting a Richardson Electronics expert or searching for your product by model number, some of our top vacuum capacitors are:

  • CKTB100/10/65, comp. Comet: CVZV-100AC/15-BJC-M

  • CKTB1000/3.5/70(I), comp. Comet: CVVI-1000AC/5-ACD-M

  • CKTB500/10/100(I), comp. Comet: CVVE-500AC/15-BCA-M

  • CKT100/25/87, comp. Comet: CFZV-100GBC/35-EA-G

Additional Capacitors & Vacuum Capacitor Hardware

There is an extensive variety of capacitor types available to meet different industry requirements. Each capacitor model offers unique value propositions. In addition to our vacuum capacitors, Richardson Electronics supplies a complete line of ceramic RF power capacitors and ceramic capacitors.

Vacuum Capacitor Hardware

In order to mechanically mount certain capacitors, a variety of hardware pieces are necessary to pair with capacitors. Richardson Electronics supplies essential capacitor accessories for Richardson Electronics vacuum capacitors. Used properly, the hardware helps to minimize any adverse effects of vibration and ensure a reliable, long-lasting design. Hardware includes:

  • Brackets

  • Flanges

  • Protective Caps & More

Vacuum Capacitors Industries Served

Vacuum capacitors compensate for the inherent inductance of an RF circuit, thus complementing a maximum power transfer capability. Popular RF applications include wafer fabrication, plasma, medical, broadcast, and industrial heating.

Vacuum Capacitors Applications

  • RF match, Semiconductor Wafer Fab Equipment, Flat Panel Display
  • Pulse Shaping Circuits
  • Power Amplifier Tank Circuits
  • Feed-Through for Harmonic Attenuation
  • Output Pi Networks
  • Dielectric Heating Equipment Tank Circuits
  • Neutralizing Circuits
  • Low Inductance, High Current Bypass Applications
  • Grid Plate Block Circuits
  • Non-Magnetic Circuits for MRI and NMR

  • Antenna Coupling; Filter/Tap Circuits

Why Choose Richardson Electronics for Vacuum Capacitors

Richardson Electronics is a  technical provider of vacuum capacitors from National Electronics and other channel partner solutions. We can ship vacuum capacitors the same day from one of our global warehouse hubs depending on availability. Our strategy is to provide specialized technical expertise and “engineered solutions” based on our core engineering and manufacturing capabilities. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products, value-added services and excellent customer service available.

Contact Richardson Electronics For Vacuum Capacitors

Richardson Electronics offers a wide variety of vacuum capacitors. Request a quote on vacuum capacitors online or Contact us with any questions you have.

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