• Synthetic Capacitors

Synthetic Capacitors

Richardson Electronics offers a wide selection of high voltage capacitors utilizing synthetic-based dielectrics. Hydrocarbon and polymer technology provides all types of film and paper dielectrics, metalized and discrete foil electrodes, oil-filled and dry construction designs and a wide variety of packaging options, including both metal and plastic casings.

To help satisfy demanding DC, pulse, and high frequency AC applications, a variety of product types are available including: advanced film capacitors, high energy capacitors, high voltage capacitors, metallized capacitors, fast pulse capacitors and high current capacitors.

For large R&D or OEM projects, let our team help design a customized solution for you.

Common Applications: 

Induction Heating | National Labs & Universities Research & Development | Defense – Radar | Pulse Power | Medical, X-Ray and Heart Defibrillators | Aerospace Projects | Circuits – PFN, Filter, Inverter

Key Benefits

  • Extreme Long Life, High Reliability
  • Able to Target the Most Demanding
  • Very High Voltage and Current Capabilities
  • Low ESR, Low Inductance
  • Hig