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Vacuum Capacitors, Ceramic RF Power Capacitors & Synthetic Capacitors

A capacitor is a dual electrode device consisting of 2 metal plates separated by a layer of dielectric. Capacitors are passive devices used primarily for electrical energy storage and release. Richardson Electronics carries an extensive variety of capacitor types, each with its value proposition to meet many different requirements. We are an authorized distributor of leading capacitor manufacturers. With over 75 years of experience supplying capacitors to OEM and MRO markets, we are confident that we can find the capacitor needed to meet your industry requirements. We offer both fixed and variable capacitors.

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Vacuum Capacitors

Our Vacuum Capacitors range from 12pF to 5,000pF and cover test voltages of 5kV to 60 kV. Capacitors are available as fixed, variable, and water-cooled capacitor models. Features include but are not limited to:

  • Long Life, High Reliability

  • High-Speed Tuning

  • High Altitude Operation

  • High Voltage Ratings

  • Wide Tuning Ranges

  • Compact Sizes / Low Weight


  • High Current Ratings

  • Self-Healing


Ceramic RF Power Capacitors

Richardson Electronics offers an extensive line of Ceramic RF Power Capacitors that are ideal for high voltage and high current applications. These RF power capacitors have capacitance values extending from the lower picofarad (pF) range up to the nanofarad (nF) range, 5kV to 40kV.

Ceramic Capacitor Applications

Dielectric Heating | Broadcast Transmission | Pulse Power | Medical | Laser | Semiconductor Wafer-Fab | Plasma 

Synthetic Dielectric Capacitors

Synthetic Capacitors are ideal for large R&D or OEM projects. A variety of product types are available to help satisfy demanding DC, pulse, and high-frequency AC applications, including advanced film capacitors, high energy capacitors, high voltage capacitors, metallized capacitors, fast pulse capacitors and high current capacitors.

Capacitor Hardware

Capacitor Hardware is required in order to mechanically mount certain oil filled, vacuum and power film capacitors. Brackets, flanges, protective boots, and other hardware pieces are necessary to minimize any adverse effects of vibration and ensure a reliable, long-lasting design.

Capacitor Applications

Capacitors can be used in virtually every area of electronics due to their ability to allow only AC signals to pass while blocking DC signals. Because capacitors can connect to a charging circuit, they can store energy and serve as a temporary battery. Capacitors can serve many functions depending on the design and the position in a circuit. Uses include:

  • Coupling/decoupling
  • Transient Voltage
  • Current Suppression
  • Frequency Tuning
  • Filtering
  • DC Block
  • RF Bypass

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